Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer Review


  • Dual blade auger
  • Quiet, high torque motor
  • Juice flow control cap


  • Takes a while to clean it
  • Augur may be more robust

The Tribest Slowstar juicer is a food processing product that includes a whole slew of alternatives in terms of what it may be used for, so to call it a juicer is underplaying its capacities in a big way.

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Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer Review

This Tribest masticating juicer was on sale because 2013, and as it’s one of those top-selling juicers of its kind, which should tell you something about its quality and popularity. The newest Tribest makes many kitchen processing products so it is clear they have a lot of experience in this niche.

This juicer weighs 18 pounds, and its dimensions are 8 x 8 x 18 inches. Additionally, it includes an impressive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Who Is This Product For?

While anyone who would like a juicer which may make the healthiest juice potential will benefit hugely from this juicer, its greatest attraction will be those who love to create a wide selection of healthy meals and drinks. 

A more accurate description of this product would be a’food chip’, and that’s the reason why anybody who likes to experiment with healthful recipes will love this as it can process a lot of them. The mincing attachment will add to this appeal as it enables all kinds of sauces, sorbets and pates to be created, so those who adore cooking will appreciate this attribute. 

This juicer is at a higher price bracket, but for that you are receiving an advanced double-blade auger, so people who are delighted to spend money on the top of the stove appliances will appreciate this and other advanced features. 

What is Included? 

You should finally know that juicers of the sort need to be assembled before use, but you do not need to be any kind of engineer to achieve that. Apparent and illustrated instructions are provided to show you exactly what to do at each step. Here’s a complete list of all you should receive when the item is delivered to you. 

  • Main juicer body
  • Juicing attachment
  • Mincing attachment
  • Stainless Steel strainer
  • Plunger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Duoblade double-edged ultem auger
  • Ultem exfoliating display
  • Pulp wiping gathering
  • Juice/pulp containers (x2) 

Overview of Features 

The list of Attributes this juicer has is impressive:
Duo-bladed auger produced from high quality BPA free substance which can cut and extract juice easily. Since it’s two blades, there is less demand for you to slit the components just as much as you would for one blade. 

The 47 rpm motor functions in conjunction with 3-speed gears to create the torque necessary for maximum juice extraction. Despite its obvious power, it operates very quietly. 

The mincing attachment adds yet another level for this juicer’s versatility and offers you the means to produce butters, desserts, pates, and fresh salsa, to name but a few. 

Pulp mixing and wiping assembly will help decrease the sum of pulp that builds around the auger and in your juice, so that when it pours through the juice spout there are fewer strong pieces in it. 

Reverse switch allows you to clear any clogging that might occur if any pulp does build up and thus ensures that the entire juicing process is done with a minimum delay. 

How to Use It 

Even in the event that you’ve used a juicer before, as every product is different, you should follow both the assembly and usage instructions provided by the producer. 

In general terms, how you would utilize the juicer will be dependent on what ingredients you plan to process. For exfoliating you would normally prep the ingredients by cutting them into pieces small enough to fit into the feeding chute. After that’s done you can switch the juicer on after you have put a receiving container at the outlet spout, otherwise, you are going to get juice pouring onto to your table or counter. 

Should the juicer cease, it may signify there is a buildup of pulp clogging the system. If it occurs you should change off the machine, and once it stops, press on the opposite button, which should clear it. Always wash out the machine thoroughly after use, using the cleansing brush that’s provided. 


Should you would like to consider an alternative choice to your Tribest juicer, then you might care to look at the Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center. That impressive name isn’t just hype because this item can process numerous components and can be used in numerous ways. 

It can in fact be used for juicing, but in addition to that, it may grind coffee beans, extrude pasta, create desserts, mince herbs, and may also be used to process and combine highly nutritious infant foods. As an indicator of how highly the manufacturer rates their particular solution, they give buyers a guarantee which runs for an incredible 15 years. 


There is not any denying the Tribest Slowstar Juicer is a top product and offers far more features for users than most other juicers. It can process numerous components, which provides a degree of versatility that not only makes it a highly beneficial appliance but provides additional value for it as well.

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