Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer Review


  • Very simple to use
  • Has multiple uses
  • Extremely quiet operation


  • Chute is too narrow
  • Receptacle is too small

This is a masticating juicer which is ideal for leafy greens, but it is going to also do a excellent job of processing lots of different ingredients including fruits, wheatgrass, and java beans. With it, you can just as easily make snacks, nut butter, and healthy infant foods, as possible juices.

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Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer Review

Omega has grandly called this a’nourishment center’ instead of your juicer, and to be honest they are not far off the mark how versatile this item is. It will, of course, extract juice from fruits and vegetables, but in addition, it can process lots of other ingredients as well. As an example, you may use it to create frozen sorbets or nut butter.

It is among those top-selling products of its kind and contains almost 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon, together with the huge majority of them being optimistic.

Who Is This Merchandise For?

The #1 target for this masticating juicer is those who want a wholesome drink, and for that drink to have the maximum amount of nutrients possible.

While this clearly applies to singles and couples, it is also a very popular juicer for both families, where parents want their kids to eat and drink an extremely nutritious diet. Juices are a great way to get children to have a high proportion of vegetables in their daily diet, who may not otherwise be keen on them when presented on a plate as a portion of their meal.

Other users will be those who like to make a diverse selection of foods as it may be used to make desserts, butters, pasta recipes, infant foods, and it can even grind coffee beans.

What’s Included?

There are several components and accessories that make up this masticating juicer, which also needs to be assembled before use. There is an instruction manual that has very helpful diagrams which take you step-by-step throughout the meeting procedure. Here’s a list of everything you need to find in the box.

  • Main juicing unit
  • Feed unit
  • Funnel
  • Auger
  • End cap
  • 6 nozzles
  • Blank screen
  • Juicing screen
  • Collection bowl
  • Sieve
  • Plunger
  • Cleaning brush

Overview of Characteristics

One of the greatest features of any product will be if it is easy to use, and we’re very happy to state that applies for the Omega juicer. Assembly is straightforward, particularly with illustrated instructions, so that you should not fail.

It operates very quietly, unlike any juicers, and as it’s extracting juice, it automatically removes the pulp, which makes cleaning a bit easier too. The juice extracted is not just more plentiful, with at least 20 percent more than a conventional juicer, but it will include a higher percentage of nutrients.

Ultimately when it comes time to clean it after use, this is easy to perform, especially as a cleaning brush is supplied with the juicer.

How to Use It

Assuming you have assembled it correctly, this masticating juicer is quite simple to use. The very first thing you have to do is to prepare the ingredients you would like to create juice from. This generally involves slicing or dicing them so that they are small enough to be put in the input drum, and more importantly that they can match through the funnel.

Check the directions to determine which of this strainers is the most suitable for your own ingredients. When you’ve added your veggies or fruits and fitted the correct strainer, after that you can switch the batter on. Bear in mind that a masticating juicer works a lot slower than a traditional juicer, and therefore do not expect lots of juice to look instantly.

To accumulate juice, you can just put a glass under the socket, or a suitable container, even if you plan to store juice. Remember, that you will need to thoroughly clean the juicer following usage, and this will include getting rid of all of the pulp that has been produced during the juicing procedure. This may often be tricky to remove, which explains why a cleaning brush was provided.


As an alternative choice to this Omega masticating juicer, you need to check out this product from Aicok. It is a bit smaller than the Omega; therefore, it is going to leave more space on your counter tops.

The Aicok juicer is excellent for producing juice recipes for fruits and vegetables, and it does a excellent job of separating out the pulp from juice. One other appeal to many are the simple fact that it is less costly than the Omega, making it an excellent juicer for people who prefer to get their money’s worth. 


Among the more impressive facets of the Omega masticating juicer is its versatility. It doesn’t just make beautifully tasty and very healthy juices, but it can also be utilized in the preparation of various recipes to other sorts of meals. This makes it quite convenient, but also adds to its value from the feeling that you don’t need to get multiple food processors.

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