How to Make Beetroot Juice for Weight Loss

If you’ve done any research into healthy eating, and in particular foods that could encourage weight loss, you are bound to have noticed references to fruit and vegetable juices.

The reason is obviously that they are a quick and easy way to consume the nutrients which these naturals foods have. 

Some vegetables and fruits have been pinpointed as being of special benefit to those wishing to eliminate weight, and we are going to analyze one of these in this guide, and that is beetroot. We will look especially at beetroot and the way it helps with weight loss. 

What is Beetroot? 

This is 1 vegetable whose title describes exactly what it is. Beetroot is your taproot part of the beet vegetable, and as well as the root part of the beet being edible, the leaves of the beet could be eaten too. Beetroot in the majority of its forms has an extremely distinctive purple color and its use is widespread across most of the world, despite the fact that it is very popular in North American and European cuisine. 

What is Beetroot Used For? 

Beetroot is cooked in a lot of ways, and it can either be eaten cold or hot. Popular cooking techniques include boiling, steaming, and pickling. Some specific uses include being used as part of a salad, and mashed as an accompaniment to a main dish. It’s used in sandwiches and can be combined with other ingredients to be able to create a condiment. Chopped beetroot is used in pickles and it can even be used to make wine. 

Another use of beetroot is as a colorant, whereby the juice of this beetroot is added to frozen desserts such as ice cream and fruit fillings to provide the color more intensity. This coloring can also be utilized in sauces, jams, breakfast cereals, and in certain tomato pastes. 

The Nutritional Benefits of Beetroot 

Among the most important reasons that beetroot is such a favorite vegetable is its high number of nutritional benefits. The first of these relates to this coloring which we mentioned a minute ago. This is produced by betacyanin, which, as well as producing beetroots purple, also act as a very powerful antioxidant, and thus help to eliminate toxins from your body. 

The next benefit to speak of is the high degree of dietary fiber that beetroot contains, which most of us know is necessary for a healthy digestive system. This fiber can also help lower cholesterol levels. Beetroot is rich in folic acid which could help mend damaged cells and promote the growth of healthy tissue. For those who have higher blood pressure, the elevated levels of nitrates in beetroot can help expand blood vessels. 

How Beetroot Can Help with Weight Loss 

Apart from al the health benefits we have just outlined, beetroot could play a big part in helping you lose weight. The high fiber levels we discussed allow you to feel fuller after you’ve eaten, and therefore less inclined to consume snacks and other fattening items between foods. Beetroot contains an amino acid known as leucine, and the way it can help boost weight loss is that it raises protein and muscle mass,  while at exactly the same time reducing body fats. 

One other feature of beetroot is it is obviously sweet, therefore when it’s used in juices, there is less tendency to add something to the juice so as to sweeten it, like other juices with high sugar content, or even worse, sugar itself. 

Beetroot Juice for Weight Loss 

In all honesty, beetroot used on its own to make juice is an acquired taste and one that many people normally find so unpleasant that it puts them off even thinking about using beetroot in a juice. That is a great pity given all of the health benefits, and beetroot’s capability to promote weight reduction.

The way it should be used is as an accompaniment to some other healthy, but more tasty ingredients whose taste supersedes that of the beetroot. A number of the most well-known ones employed are fruits such as apple, lime, grapefruit, and pomegranate. For juices created only from veggies, celery and carrots are healthy choices. 

Whichever ingredients you use, the most effective way to make the juice would be with a juicer, and particularly, a masticating juicer is your taste. The reason is that this sort of juicer ensures that as many of the nutrients contained in any fruits or vegetables added are extracted. A masticating juicer is also able to extract a higher proportion of the juice from any ingredients.