Homgeek Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • All materials BPA free
  • Quiet motor


  • Takes the Time to clean
  • Creates a lot of pulp

You may see many masticating juicers that are going to set you back several hundred dollars, but if you are looking for something that may make healthy juices, even with a price tag that will not give you indigestion, then this Homgeek juicer might be the solution.

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Homgeek Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review

This juicer out of Homgeek was only released for sale a few months before, but in that brief space of time it has become one of the very popular masticating juicers available on the market.

It’s also one of the very lightweight juicers accessible, using a weight of just 8.66 pounds. Its dimensions are 8.3 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches, and this also means it’s a more compact juicer too.

Who’s This Product For? 

Anyone who has never used a juicer or who’d love to try a masticating juicer instead of the present centrifugal one, will find this product appealing. The first and most obvious explanation is its cost, which is cheap. This means any perceived risk is diminished, however the fact that the merchandise has a 12-month warranty. The other point is that until you’ve experienced employing a masticating juicer, you could be a bit reticent to spend a lot on your first one. 

The next appeal of the juicer is how simple it’s to use. The ones that prefer their gadgets and appliances to be as simple as possible to function will prefer this juicer. 

Obviously, another large group who will love this are those who want a simple, but efficient juicer so as to benefit from the high nutrition levels of the juice it produces. 

What’s Included? 

When you receive your product delivery the box must contain the following items: 

  • Main juicing unit
  • Juicing chamber
  • Pusher
  • Top cover unit
  • Auger
  • Filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Juice outlet
  • Pulp/Juice receiver cup 

Bear in mind that most of these will need to be constructed but that is a comparatively simple job, particularly in the event that you follow the instruction manual carefully. 

Review of Characteristics

One facet that will benefit everybody working with this masticating juicer is that the simplicity with which it may be utilized. This starts with the first assembly, goes through the process of juicing, and even extends to how easy it is to clean, not least because you receive a cleaning brush supplied with it too. 

The engine runs at only 80 rpm, which means it’s very silent, and as this slow pace means that there is less oxidation happening throughout the process, your juice can be kept for more than would otherwise be true. 

The inlet opening is larger than lots of juicers on the market, so this is going to save you some homework time, and in many cases means you can put whole fruit into the feeder. There is also a safety lock on the cover, to guarantee no one, including children, can start the juicer when it is operating. The cap in the socket ensures it is drip-free, and not one of your flavorful, healthy juice is wasted. 

How to Use It 

Employing this masticating juicer is very easy, but only in the event that you follow the appropriate procedure. In so doing you can minimize any problems and ensure that the juice that’s extracted is abundant and has a high degree of nutrients. 

You need to first wash any fruits or veggies and then cut them into pieces small enough to fit into the feeding tube. One other tip would be to remove the seeds and tougher cores in the fruits. 

Once you have added your veggies or fruits, push them down together with all the pusher accessory. Before switching on the juicer, ensure you’ve placed a receiving container in the outlet spout, otherwise, the extracted juice will pour out everywhere and make a mess. 

Now you can switch on the juicer, and leave it running for no more than about 15 minutes. Should the machine prevent while juicing, it may be attributed to pulp building up and clogging the juicer. If it happens, try pressing on the reverse button which should clear this problem. After use, always completely wash the juicer and remove any debris. 


As an alternate to this Homgeek juicer, you can try out this masticating juicer out of Aicok. It has an even lower cost for those that want the greatest possible value for money, but still retains lots of the characteristics that you could be looking for. 

It works very quietly, is simple and easy to assemble, use and clean, has filter options based on what you are processing, and most significantly of all, it produces high yield, high nutrition juice. 


For those who are trying to find a simple, no-fuss, value for money masticating juicer, then this merchandise from Homgeek ticks all those boxes. It’s not hard to assemble, and easy to use, however its simplicity doesn’t detract from its ability to extract highly nourishing juice and to get every last drop of out of the vegetables or fruit you use.

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